A Story You Can’t Miss

If you haven’t heard about my Kindle Vella story, The Dragons’ Den, well, I’m telling you about it now! Kindle Vella is a new way to read stories on the Kindle (and Kindle app) in episodic format. It’s really great if you just want to read little tidbits of stories at a time!

My contribution to Kindle Vella is a story that’s just been pure fun for me to write. It involves dragons, dragonslayers, treetop cities, and an entire fantasy world to explore!

I just posted Episode 10 last week, which was the climax for Part One of the series. The episode was so intense for me to write that I felt physically exhausted afterwards! Needless to say, I’ve poured a lot of heart into this story, and I’d love to keep it going. However, I’m currently letting the story rest to see if I can gain some readers before I decide for sure whether or not to write more of it.

That’s where you come in! If you enjoy fantasy stories with action, humour, and–of course–dragons, then I think you’ll love the first 10 episodes of The Dragons’ Den. If you do read it and enjoy it, even just a single episode, please leave a review, share the story, and like/follow it! Reviews are really important to indie writers, because how else are other readers going to know the quality of the story? How will I know what you did and didn’t like? Feedback like this means the world to me!

So I hope you consider giving The Dragons’ Den a go, and if not, I still appreciate you even reading this blog! Thank you!


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