I’m back – with one of my favourite playlists!

Now that my wedding and my honeymoon have passed, I’m diving headfirst back into work today. As a freelance writer, I get to write stories for a living – which means that I was actually excited to go back to work! And to ease me back into the swing of things, I turned on my current favourite playlist that I discovered about a month ago: the Classical New Releases playlist on Spotify.

Whether or not I write with music really depends on my mood, but if I do have music playing while I’m going at it, it has to be instrumental. Words coming out of my laptop’s speakers mix with the words jumbling around in my head, which never goes well. That’s why, 9 years ago, I started a playlist of film/TV/video game scores to listen to while I was working on school projects or writing for fun. (Now, I’ve added to that playlist so much that it’s 236 hours long and still going!) And while there’s enough variety in that playlist to keep me going for a very long time, I found myself missing the classical-style music I was exposed to on a daily basis in college. And that’s when I found the Classical New Releases Playlist!

I love this playlist first and foremost because it’s updated without fail every week. It contains a wide variety of music – from piano instrumental, to opera, to new arrangements of classic tunes. The majority of the music is brand new, so I’ve found many new composers and pieces that I now love! One such piece is this beautiful arrangement of Clair de Lune.

While I of course adore the original piece, I really enjoyed the fresh take of this arrangement. Plus, I’m a bit partial to saxophone quartets, as I have been a part of many throughout the years and I love their unique sound.

So, if you’ve been looking for some new music to try, I highly recommend this playlist. Give it a try even if you’re normally not a fan of classical music! I guarantee there will be something you’ll like. And for all you writers out there, this is a fantastic writing playlist! It’s varied enough to inspire lots of different ideas without being distracting!

So, now that I’ve returned, you can expect stories once a week again! Coming up I’ve got a story about the absolute worst time to gain $20,000, plus the next story in the Colour Series. Stay tuned!

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