Writeober Day 29: Stormy Days

Victoria pulled her blinds open, expecting early morning sunlight to filter in and wake her up. 

It didn’t. 

Instead, the sky was covered in a thick spread of grey clouds. It looked as dark as the earliest hours of the morning, and yet it was nine o’clock. 

Victoria grinned. 

Her plans for the day changed in an instant. She’d been wanting to run a few errands around town, but those could wait. Instead, she’d bake cookies, make some bread, pull out the sweater she was currently crocheting, and have a Lord of the Rings marathon—the extended editions, of course. 

In the middle of her preparations for the cookies, rain started pattering against the roof. Victoria watched as water streamed down eh kitchen window, obscuring her view of the city below. The taillights in the road were only blurry pinpricks of light. Everything else melded into an ambiguous grey mass. Thunder rumbled in the distance. The rain poured down harder. 

And as the cookies finished baking and the bread started rising, Victoria clicked play on The Fellowship of the Ring, settling onto the couch with her half-finished sweater in her lap. 

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