Writeober Day 28: “Do I have to do everything here?”

It was hopeless. 

The Drin were closing in on them. Selene could hear their tiny feet creeping over the soft earth. She drew her sword, holding her breath as she listened. 

“Twenty?” Magnus whispered, his back pressed up against hers. 


“How do they know we took the Shapeshifter’s Slab?” 

“Does it matter?” Selene hissed. 

Two large-eyed, rounded Drin heads poked through the jungle foliage. Selene didn’t need to tell Magnus to defend the slab with his life; he already knew. 

Selene leapt forward and hacked off both heads in two clean swipes of her sword. She jumped back to allow the long, centipede-like bodies to drop to the ground. A soft rattling sound followed, though it didn’t stay quiet for long as it was repeated all around her. The Drin’s battle cry. 

With a loud cry of her own, Selene threw herself at the approaching aliens, slashing madly with her sword. 


She turned to see Magnus caught between two Drin. He held his sword but didn’t seem to know what do with it as the two enemies approached on opposite sides and more were gathered behind him. 

Selene rushed towards him, jumped on the closest Drin’s back, and cut its head clean off. She didn’t waste a second before swiping at the other one, felling it in another strong blow. 

Panting with exertion, Selene took a moment to raise her arms in a helpless gesture at Magnus. “Do I have to do everything here?” 

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