Writeober Day 27: Crows

“Hey!” Adam snatched the bag of pumpkin seeds from Eli. “It’s my turn!” 

In fact, six-year-old Adam knew very well it wasn’t his turn, but he wanted the crows to flock around him again. Now they were surrounding Eli and he was feeling rather ignored. 

Knowing that Eli would soon steal the bag back from him, Adam quickly grabbed a handful of seeds and tossed it across the sidewalk. The crows instantly swarmed him and he laughed as he felt the air stirred up by several pairs of wings. 

Eli reached out and took the bag. “It’s my turn!”

Once again, Adam knew he was right, so he couldn’t find anything better to say than: “But I want it!” 

As a unit, the crows suddenly leapt into the air and flew to the nearest tree, settling in its branches. The birds seemed to stare at Adam in judgment. He sighed, letting his arms fall to his sides. 

“I’m sorry, Eli. I shouldn’t have tried to skip your turn.” 

Eli shrugged. “Here.” He set the bag within reach of both of them. Immediately, the crows all came back as they tossed seeds and laughed together. 

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