Writeober Day 24: Rain

It was a day that could only be described as miraculous. 

After months of starvation and drought, the clouds finally gathered and the rains poured down. The earth greedily soaked up the provision from heaven itself. The naiads and dryads that had shrivelled up along with the rivers and trees suddenly sprang back to life, their voices lifted in songs of thanksgiving. Though the rain was simply an ordinary act of nature, it was revered that day as magic. 

A great feast sprang up in the middle of the day, as always happens when there’s a great event in the forest. There wasn’t an abundance of food, but everyone shared what they had, knowing their stores would soon be overflowing once again. The fauns and satyrs danced in the rain while the elves sat in the trees and played fine music. No creature was excluded from the festivities, from the greatest to the smallest. 

And so the inhabitants of the forest rejoiced amid the storm, looking forward to a plentiful future. 

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