Writeober Day 23: Space

Electra has watched age after age of the universe pass by. It’s difficult to compare her life to ours because her surroundings and experiences are so entirely different. She doesn’t know what a home is, or what a tree looks like. She’s never seen water. And in contrast, we don’t understand complete and utter silence or have the patience to remain in the same spot for thousands upon thousands of years. 

But, though it may be difficult for one of us Earth-dwellers to believe, she has always been happy. Her purpose is to burn—a nightmare for us, but fulfilment for her. She doesn’t know why she burns. She’ll never know that we can see her all the way down here on a tiny speck of rock we call Earth. She’ll never understand that people look up at her in wonder. 

She doesn’t need to, though. She wants no thanks or praise. She is simply carrying out the task that was given to her when the universe was made. And so she sits and watches and waits. Space doesn’t change very much, but if she is to spend thousands of years looking at something, it might as well be the beauty of the infinite universe.

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