Writeober Day 21: “This, this makes it all worth it.”

Despite the life-threatening situation, I cheered. 

I hadn’t thought I’d get this far. I hadn’t even thought I’d escape the station alive. I’d put every single hope on this, and somehow, it was paying off. 

I was nearly jostled out of my seat by a forceful blast and I reminded isles that I was in the middle of running—or rather flying for my life. I glanced at the screen below me. The hyperdrive was nearly charged, just a few more seconds…

I slammed a button on the console. My ship lurched and I wondered, like I did every time, if it would simply fall apart. But after a suspended moment in time, it zoomed forwards into hyperspace. I slumped back in my chair and sighed. 

It wasn’t that I enjoyed getting into danger, but sometimes it was necessary. I took a few moments to breathe, exhausted by the miraculous escape I’d somehow pulled off. That would fuel some more legends. Kazran Guenever, the man who’s impossible to catch…

I reached for the parcel in the seat beside me and unwrapped it. It was only a computer chip the size of my thumb, but on that chip was a map. And on that map, hopefully, was the place I’d spent countless years searching for. 

“This,” I sighed as I inserted the chip into the console. “This makes it all worth it.” 

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