Writeober Day 18: Picking Apples

If the cool, crisp air of the winter’s morning hadn’t already brought about a spirit of cheer in the heart of Meg Walton, then the prospect of apple picking surely would have. 

She had lived her whole life without going apple picking, but now that her family had moved to Tennessee, it was an easy trip to a nearby orchard. Her friend Will invited her, having been astounded when he discovered she’d never been. 

So now they walked alone between the rows of trees, the first to arrive the moment the orchard opened. The trees weren’t quite what Meg had expected. Rather than the grand, green trees that she’d always imagined, they were brown and scraggly. That didn’t dampen her spirits, however; she still enjoyed picking the ripe apples right off the branches, with Will giving her advice on how to find the best ones. 

“So, what do you think?” Will asked as their baskets were already half-full. 

“I love it.” Meg found another good apple and plucked it, offering it to Will for inspection. He nodded and she placed it in her basket. “I already want to come again!” 

Will chuckled. “What are you planning on doing with all these apples?”

Meg shrugged. “No idea, but I’ll find something.” 

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