Writeober Day 15: Home

Adaline watched out the carriage window as the only place she’d ever thought of as home disappeared from view. 

When she considered it, she wasn’t sure if she really knew what home was. All the stories said that home was somewhere you belonged, but she’d never felt like she belonged at the orphanage. The only person there who had made her feel safe was Conn, her best friend, and now she was leaving him. 

What if this was wrong? What if Conn was the only home she’d ever have? 

The other two in carriage spoke quietly with each other, oblivious to her plight. Adaline hardly even knew them. And yet…

If she would have accepted Conn’s marriage proposal, he would have given her the life that everyone expected of her. But Adaline knew, deep within her heart, that she hadn’t found her own home yet. It was still out there somewhere, waiting for her. 

So she sat up straight and no longer looked back, but ahead. The orphanage was behind her now, and a new life was beginning. She didn’t know where she was going or what this adventure would bring, but she would find home, whatever the cost. 

(I wrote this short story based on the current version of my very first novel that I’ve been tweaking for over ten years! So perhaps, you may see Adaline again…)

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