Writeober Day 12: Nimble

No one ever saw me. 

I came and went, venturing out of my hiding place in the woods to have some fun with the humans. I stole trinkets from pockets, chased after ducks, and scared children. 

But no one ever saw me. They only ever saw the aftereffects of what I’d done. Missing items. Angry ducks. Children crying. 

The truth was that I was just too good at my job. Quick enough that I wasn’t seen. Nimble enough that I didn’t give away my whereabouts. 

I became quite a legend in that town. “Mischief,” they called me,  or “Lightning.” Everyone had their own name. Some didn’t think I existed and put it down to a group of trouble-making young children. Some even tried to “appease” me by leaving food in the village square, the place where I caused the most trouble. 

I always ate the food. But I still came back the next day. 

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