Writeober Day 7: “I did. What about it?”

Olivia awoke to see something staring at her from outside her window. 

She screamed but kept her eyes on the thing, unable to look away. A pair of yellow eyes watched her, though they were filled with detached boredom rather than interest. 

Realising that the thing had no intention of doing any harm at present, Olivia took the time to study the rest of what the eyes belonged to. There was only one creature that had a neck long enough to reach up to her second story window, and the scales she could see on the face gave it away anyway. 

“Trey!” Olivia yelled. She wasn’t surprised in the slightest that he hadn’t come when she’d screamed. “Trey!” 

It took at least a minute before footsteps padded leisurely in the hall. A moment later, her door swung upon without a knock. 

“Yes, dearest sister of mine?” he asked, his tone saturated with irritation. 

“Did you find a dragon last night?” 

“Yes, I did. What about it?” 

Olivia gestured to the window. 

Trey shrugged. “Say hello to Tymrin.” 

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