Writeober Day 4: Loud

The sound was deafening. It was difficult to believe that something as normal and everyday as water could make such a noise. 

The complexities of nature, I thought, never end. 

And then there was the size. I could see out to the rest of the falls and couldn’t fully grasp how small I was in comparison. 

“You okay?” Bree had to shout to be heard as the roaring of the falls reverberated in the caves. 

“Yeah!” I paused, trying to put my feelings into words. “It really changes your perspective, doesn’t it, seeing something like this?” 

Bree chuckled. “Everything is philosophical to you.” 

“Maybe that’s because everything is philosophical.” 

“Or maybe you should use your eyes for once and give your brain a rest.” Bree extended her arm in front of her. “Feel it. Smell it. Sometimes you have to forget about your head and actually live, Tiger.” She bumped her shoulder against mine. 

I didn’t reply…but I did think about it. 

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