Writeober Day 3: Dramatic

“I’m allowed to be dramatic, I’m an actor.” 

The words were uttered with such seriousness that Kate had to chuckle. “I know you are, and I also happen to know that actors eat their vegetables.” 

Ten-year-old Ben looked at his mother with a frown. “You don’t know any actors.” 

“But I have talked to some, and I can assure you that every single one has told me, very specifically, that they eat their vegetables every day, especially when their mothers tell them to.” 

Ben suddenly broke out into a grin and laughed. “Yeah, right.” 

Kate sighed and leaned her chin into her hand. “Well, maybe I haven’t talked to any actors either, but I know they all eat veggies.” She paused. “Maybe your vegetables can be dramatic, too.” 


She grabbed a piece of broccoli and a carrot and started acting like they were reciting Shakespeare. Ben pulled a face and pushed her hand away. 

“Stop, that’s stupid.” He rolled his eyes. “Fine, Mom, I’ll eat them.” 

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