Writeober Day 2: “The Easy Part”

Reg took a long, dubious look at the holographic projection in front of him. 

“And?” Sarai prompted him. 

He scratched the dark stubble on his chin. “You’re expecting us to get past at least one hundred robot guards, avoid tripping the fifty-odd defences, and gain access to the main terminal?” 

“Not ‘us.’ Ezzie. You know he can do it.” 

But the worried creases in Reg’s expression only deepened. “Even for someone as well-trained as him, it will be extremely difficult, nearly impossible.” 

Sarai had to laugh. “And that’s just the easy part.” 

Reg’s eyebrows shot higher on his forehead. “Excuse me?” 

“What did you think Ezzie would do once he got there, invite them all over for tea?” She narrowed her gaze at Reg. “We sent you this data hours ago. You should know this already.” 

“I am a very busy man, Captain—”

“And you are supposed to be the one leading us to freedom.” The words came bursting out of Sarai and she pounded her fist against the table. “With…all due respect,” she added as a feeble afterthought. 

Reg raised his arms in surrender. “If you want to be the one giving orders, then fine.” He paused and nodded gravely. “We’ll put all of our lives into Ezzie’s hands.” 

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