Writeober Day 1: Leaves

“Wake up! It’s Fall!” 

Bree groaned, the fogginess in her brain telling her it was much too early to wake up. She rolled over, turning her back to the voice. 

“C’mon, Bree, you don’t even know what it feels like outside!” 

“Too early for outside,” Bree mumbled. 

“Too bad.” 

Something dumped on top of Bree—or perhaps it was several somethings. They felt featherlight and made crackling noises. Bree felt a tickle at her nose and opened her eyes to see a perfect three-pointed brown leaf. 

Bree sat up quickly. Her bed was covered with them. “Tiger!” Her voice cracked, making the angry exclamation sound rather less threatening than she had intended. She rubbed her eyes. “What— Why—?” She wasn’t quite awake enough to fully voice her incredulity, and therefore gave up trying. 

“Had a feeling you’d still be asleep,” Tiger said. “Now can we go outside? It’s actually cold! And I made you coffee.” 

Bree sighed. “Fine, you win. As usual.” She arched an eyebrow at her sister. “But you’re putting these leaves back where they belong.” 

Tiger smirked. “But I thought they were such a nice decoration.” 

One thought on “Writeober Day 1: Leaves

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