Reflections on Fall Weather (from a Floridian)

The first day of Fall makes the world seem like an entirely different place.

When I walked out of the house this morning and took in my first breath of chill, crisp air, suddenly nothing looked the same. The fallen brown leaves strewn all over the ground had been there for weeks, but I only just noticed them. The sky was bright blue and there wasn’t a cloud in sight – and while there might have been many days like that before, today it was a sign of hope and beauty.

Somehow, a 30° difference in the temperature affected every single one of my senses.

It’s a unique experience that’s quite unlike anything else. The first day of cold weather can’t fully be captured with words, as much as I might try, because it’s something everyone inherently feels and knows. It’s a shared experience like waking up on Christmas morning – it’s joy and hope and adventure and peace all wrapped up into one.

The sun which we Floridians curse daily is now greeted with joy, its warm rays coupled with the chill wind creating the perfect atmosphere. I wish there was a way to freeze this day and live it over and over again (but there’s a movie about that, and we all know it’s a bad idea). So I will have to be content with drinking in the experience and recording it the best I can with my meagre words. In Florida, I never know how long this weather will last – but for now I have today, and for now that is enough.

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