Penguins and Pebbles

I didn’t quite get an announcement up yet, but coming this week I’ll be posting my new weekly blogging schedule, which includes random positivity posts on Mondays! They’ll range everywhere from fun facts to reflections to positive memories.

Today comes a fun fact that a lot of you have probably heard of. We all love penguins, right? I mean, who doesn’t find them cute? But there’s a fun little fact about Adelie and Gentoo penguins that I’ve been aware of for pretty much my entire life, thanks to the cartoon movie Scamper the Penguin (…which I think is from the 80s).

These specific types of penguins live in really rocky areas and build their nests using pebbles. So when mating season comes around, male penguins search for the smoothest stone they can find and offer it to a potential mate. If the female likes it, the pebble will go in the nest and the two penguins will construct the rest of the nest together!

Happy Monday everyone! If you’re feeling down this week, just look up some facts about penguins. They’re pretty much all wholesome.

[Facts from!]

2 thoughts on “Penguins and Pebbles

    I think we found a VHS tape of it at a thrift store once when I was… probably between 7 and 10??? But I remember watching it repeatedly with my sisters and loving it when I was little πŸ˜‚
    I love that you’re doing this!! This little trivia in particular is really cute and wholesome and it’s definitely made me smile to think about it again 😁

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