The Drabbles of a Dreamer

Introducing my very first fiction book, coming June 30th! Well, it’s kinda complicated. It’s actually a collection of really short stories rather than a book, but…you get what I mean.

Several months ago I realised that I had tons of short stories just sitting around in my Documents folder that I had written over the span of 10 years or so. Though I do have some actual fiction novels I’m working on as well, I thought that a collection of my short stories would be a great break-in to the world of fiction books!

What are these short stories, you may ask? Well, they encompass 6 different genres: fantasy, sci-fi, historical, dystopian, contemporary, and general fiction. And there are thirty-one different stories! (The description on Amazon may say twenty-seven, but I added a few since then and the description change is still going through.) However, the brief length of each story makes them nice little tidbits you can read on the go. With all the different kinds of characters, worlds, and genres in this book, there’s a story for everyone!

You can preorder the ebook right here for only $4.00! If you’re waiting for the paperback version (like I am) then never fear! The preorder link for that will be coming (hopefully) some time in the next week. And the paperback version will also contain an exclusive excerpt from my upcoming sci-fi novel based on one of the short stories in the book!

I’m so excited to share my drabbles with you all!

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