Where Are the Eggs?

I take up my pen (or rather, keyboard) again to tell another brief tale of my time in the UK last summer.

My best friend Hannah and I were staying in Buxton at probably the best Airbnb we had the entire trip. (I say that because it was an entire flat and, most importantly, the bathroom had a heated towel rack and heated floors.) When we got to our place we decided to make a trip to the store, as we were staying there for two days. Luckily, there was an Aldi about 15 minutes down the road.

Off we went, traipsing through the streets of Buxton. We found Aldi easily and split up to find only the essentials we needed for meals. We did have to carry the grocery bags all the way back with us, after all!

Something both of us wanted were eggs for breakfast the next morning. After we had found everything else, we met up with each other to confess that neither of us had been able to locate the eggs. We went on a search. I checked in all the normal places, looking only for eggs, but had no luck. Hannah didn’t either.

“Do British people…eat eggs?” Hannah asked, halfway joking but also completely bewildered, just as I was.

“Maybe they’re all out for some reason?” I guessed. How could we miss the eggs?

Then we had to suck it up and do what both of us hate doing: talk to people. I found an employee and asked, rather sheepishly, where the eggs were. Luckily she didn’t look at me like I was crazy and told me that they were right next to the milk. Knowing I had already checked there, I went back anyway.

“They’re not there!” Hannah exclaimed.

Then I saw them out of the corner of my eye, and everything made sense.

“Ohhhhhhhhh,” I said. There sat several cartons of eggs, next to the refrigerated section.

Hannah and I both stood there, feeling like idiots.

“They don’t refrigerate their eggs,” I realised.

So we got some and were finally able to conclude the shopping trip. However, after we got back to our flat and unloaded our groceries, there was a problem.

“Do we put the eggs in the refrigerator or not?”

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