One Eggs Benedict to Rule Them All

I’m back again to tell another tale about my time in the UK last summer, though this one is much more concise! Will someone tell me to shut up about this trip at some point? Probably! But it was the trip of a lifetime, and I’m not going to stop talking about it any time soon. (Or, like, ever.)

The setting is the city of Edinburgh in Scotland. The characters are Hannah and me, all of our energy spent after passing an entire day travelling from Sheffield to Edinburgh. Our Airbnb was one of the nicest ones we stayed in our entire trip; and though we had to lug our heavy suitcases up a million flights of stairs to get there (no really, we were on the top floor of this huge building), it was almost worth it for the awesome view of the city from the balcony. Almost.

We woke up with a sense of urgency, knowing we had a big day ahead of us. While I was looking forward to hiking to the top of Arthur’s Seat (partially for the view but mostly because of its significance in Bryan Davis’ books), Hannah was excited about seeing Loch Lomond in Glasgow. On the same day.

I won’t go into detail about Arthur’s Seat, but needless to say, it was incredible. I will share this one picture with you, which is one of my absolute favourites from the whole trip. I don’t know how, but to me, it looks like a painting rather than a photo! This was taken very near the peak of Arthur’s Seat as it overlooks the city of Edinburgh.

And just so you believe me that we actually made it to the top:

We made it!

Though it was a difficult, slightly scary, long hike, it was totally worth it for the amazing views. But it was still early in the morning, and Hannah and I were hungry.

I got this idea into my head that I really wanted to go to a local coffee shop; I honestly don’t know why, as I’m not even a coffee person, but it stuck in my brain for some reason. So after Arthur’s Seat we set off we to a place I had found online earlier: The Edinburgh Larder.

We were seated at the only empty table left; and, as it could seat four people, we ended up sharing it with two other people we didn’t know! It was a really tiny restaurant, but it was one of those places where you walked in and immediately knew that something great was about to happen.

And it did. While I’m not normally a big coffee drinker, like I said, I ordered a mocha and really enjoyed it! And though I had only tried eggs Benedict once several years ago and thought it only okay, that’s what I decided to order. Hannah got the same thing.

To this day, we still talk about that eggs Benedict.

It’s so hard to describe good food because taste is relative. But believe me when I say that it was one of the best meals I’s ever had in my entire life, and Hannah agrees with me. Was part of the reason it was so incredible because we were starving after a long hike? Probably. I think that all incredible dishes are partially labelled so because of the circumstances under which you eat them.

Whatever the reason, I will never forget that eggs Benedict. Unfortunately, though, it absolutely spoiled my taste for the dish at all because I know it will never be as good as the eggs I had in Edinburgh. So I am doomed never to eat eggs Benedict again unless I find myself at The Edinburgh Larder!

2 thoughts on “One Eggs Benedict to Rule Them All

  1. Hi there!! I’m a friend of Shay’s and I’ve been stalking your Twitter for a while now (I’m not allowed any actual social media) and I just decided to check out your blog and *gasps* YOU’VE READ BRYAN DAVIS’S BOOKS?!?!?!?! I love those so much!!!!! Have you read all three series (Dragons in our Midst, Oracles of Fire, and Children of the Bard)?


    • Hello there, nice to meet you! 😁AHHHHH YESSSS!!!!!! I love meeting fellow Bryan Davis fans!! I started reading his books when I was in elementary school and The Candlestone had just come out; so his books are really sentimental and nostalgic for me, even apart from the fact that they’re incredibly good! I’ve read every single one of his books since then as they’ve been released; he’s my favourite author! But Dragons in our Midst and the following two series are my favourites of his books. Bonnie was totally my hero and role model growing up! Oh man, just talking about them makes me want to reread them, which is dangerous because then I get sucked into all 12 books and I can’t stop! Eeeee it’s so amazing to be able to talk about the books to someone who gets it!


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