The Timeless Children: WE NEED ANSWERS!!

It’s less than 24 hours until the conclusion of Doctor Who Series 12! It seems like just yesterday that we were all freaking out about the Master being back in Spyfall: Part 1, and now here we are 2 months later with a thousand questions that need to be answered within 65 minutes tomorrow. Let’s take a brief look at a few, shall we?

  1. Who is the Timeless Child? The concept was introduced to us only briefly in The Ghost Monument way back at the beginning of Series 11. Since then, the Timeless Child has been brought up a few times this season, accompanied with a glimpse of a child next to a giant stone tower. It seems like the Timeless Child has something to do with the Doctor’s past and perhaps the origin of the time lords.
  2. Who are the Timeless Children? If it weren’t for the title of the finale, we’d still think there was only one Timeless Child. So did the original Timeless Child spawn more of its kind? Were there always multiple Timeless Children? Are they the time lords?? Does it refer to the Doctor and the Master??? WHAT DOES IT MEAN?!
  3. What’s up with Brendan? None of us expected a cute little random Irish story in the middle of the first part of the finale. And yet, there it was; but that wasn’t all that surprised us. Brendan was shot, fell off a cliff, and was perfectly fine. The speculation about this guy is pretty insane because we also need to consider the fact that while it’s incredible that he cheated death in a very Captain Jack-like way, his adopted father and one of the policemen didn’t age. So now we have not one, but three impossible cases on our hands. Personally, I think that Brendan’s story has something to do with the Lone Cyberman; though I do admit that the police station and the shot of the doors looking like the TARDIS does make it all even more suspicious…
  4. How does Jo Martin’s Doctor fit in? Theories have been flying ever since Fugitive of the Judoon blew our minds. From an incarnation between Two and Three to one of Philip Hinchliffe’s pre-Hartnell incarnations, I’ve heard just about everything. Very possibly, this is the biggest question everyone has going into the finale. Personally, I’m just wondering how the reveal of her “identity” is going to fit into everything else!
  5. What’s going to change about Gallifrey and the time lords? The Master told the Doctor that everything she thought she knew was a lie. Are we finally getting a time lord origin story? What does the Timeless Child have to do with the time lords? How did Gallifrey end up on the other side of that portal thing? Is Gallifrey permanently destroyed??
  6. How will the finale change the show going forward? They keep advertising this episode by saying the Doctor will be changed forever—something that both scares and excites fans. While a change in the direction of the show can be nice, these claims have everyone wondering just how much Chris Chibnall is going to meddle with the established lore of the show. Only tomorrow will tell!

What are your biggest questions going into the finale? Are you more excited, or scared? Do you think all of these questions will be answered? And are you as worried about the fam as I am?! I just need The Timeless Children right now so I can stop worrying.

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